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The ATP-gated P2X7 cell surface receptor belongs to the P2X purinoreceptor family, and is expressed abundantly by immune cells. This receptor is involved in several inflammatory and immunological processes, including the secretion of IL-1 by activated macrophages. Here, we demonstrate that CD27, a cell surface molecule, which is involved in the interaction(More)
Equilibrium metal uptake performance of a biosorbent prepared from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed biomass was studied using aqueous solutions containing copper, cadmium, and zinc ions in binary and ternary mixtures. Triangular equilibrium diagrams can graphically represent all the ternary equilibrium sorption data. Application of the multicomponent Langmuir(More)
A biosorbent prepared from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed biomass, FCAN2, was examined for its sorption capacity. Equilibrium batch sorption studies were performed using two-matal systems containing either (Cu + Zn), (Cu + Cd), or (Zn + Cd). In the evaluation of the two-metal sorption system performance, simple isotherm curves had to be replaced by(More)
Liquid filling industry needs optimal liquid dispensing technique in their manufacturing process in order to increases the production as well to reduce the material cost. This can be achieved by a custom made pneumatic valve where it has the capabilities of producing big flow, small flow, PWM flow and spit flow in the dispensing process. This paper presents(More)
CD99 is a 32kDa surface glycoprotein, which is involved in the migration of leukocytes and the transport of ganglioside GM1 and transmembrane proteins. To identify signaling mechanisms triggered by CD99 engagement, a LexA-based yeast two-hybrid system was utilized to identify proteins interacting with the cytoplasmic domains of CD99. In seven positive(More)
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