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OBJECTIVE To assess the measurement accuracy and the utility of the Chinese Abuse Assessment Screen (AAS). DESIGN A cross-sectional study. SETTING An antenatal clinic of a public hospital and a community centre in Hong Kong. SAMPLE A total of 257 Chinese women consisting of 100 pregnant women and 157 nonpregnant women. METHOD The Chinese AAS was(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this first population-based study in Hong Kong was to assess the impact of psychological abuse by an intimate partner on the mental health of pregnant women. DESIGN Survey. SETTING Antenatal clinics in seven public hospitals in Hong Kong. POPULATION Three thousand two hundred and forty-five pregnant women. METHODS The(More)
Received July 4, 2003 Abstract Biliary atresia is the commonest cause of pathological jaundice in infants. The aetiology and pathogenesis are largely unknown despite advances in molecular science. Hepatic portoenterostomy (Kasai operation) remains the primary treatment of choice with a satisfactory cure rate. With the continuing success of paediatric liver(More)
Glucocorticoid use is one of the most important causes of avascular bone necrosis (AVN). The pathogenesis of glucocorticoid-induced AVN is not fully understood but postulated mechanisms include fat hypertrophy, fat emboli and intravascular coagulation that cause impedance of blood supply to the bones. Data regarding the relationship between AVN and dosage,(More)
INTRODUCTION Calcaneal fractures are caused by high energy trauma and mostly are intra-articular fractures. Nondisplaced intra-articular calcaneal fracture (IACF) can be treated non-operatively. However, displaced intra-articular need to be reduced and fixed anatomically to facilitate early ankle rehabilitation and minimize functional impairment. This study(More)
BACKGROUND In 2007 and 2008, the beer and wine tax in Hong Kong was halved and then abolished, resulting in an increase of alcohol consumption. The prevalence of the Internet and a high blogging rate by adolescents and adults present a unique opportunity to study drinking patterns by infodemiology. OBJECTIVE To assess and explain the online use of(More)
There is a significant shortage of deceased liver grafts for paediatric patients worldwide. In Hong Kong, this problem is even more severe. In order to expand the donor pool, various methods have been used. Split-graft liver transplant is one of the potential ways to effectively increase the number of deceased donor grafts. Here, we present a review of our(More)
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