K. H. Aparna

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A system for online recognition of handwritten Tamil characters is presented. A handwritten character is constructed by executing a sequence of strokes. A structure- or shape-based representation of a stroke is used in which a stroke is represented as a string of shape features. Using this string representation, an unknown stroke is identified by comparing(More)
In this work a non linear multiple input multiple output model for binary ethane-ethylene distillation column is derived. Identification is carried out on nonlinear auto regressive with exogenous inputs (NARX) structure based neural network (using both Steepest Descent algorithm and Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm) and NARX based ANFIS. Data used for(More)
In this paper, we present PATRAM, a comprehensive handwritten wordprocessing system specially designed for Indian languages. In typical existing ink capture programs, handwriting is entered in a 'paint-on-a-wall' style without any syntactical structure imposed on the handwritten text. The PATRAM document page is classified into text (ruled space) and(More)
Clustering is a distribution of data into groups of similar objects such that the objects in a group will be similar (or related) to one another and different from (or unrelated to) the objects in other groups. The concept of clustering applications is particularly in the context of information retrieval and in organizing web resources. The objective of(More)
In this paper, to estimate a Carrier Frequency Offsets in DVB-T2 a special preamble symbol named the P1 symbol was defined, which is kept at the beginning if every T2-frame. Thus, in order to obtain the estimates of multiple CFOs in DVB-T2, two transmitters should send P1 symbols (preambles) alternately in presence of two time slots. In other words it can(More)
A light triggered enolization in diformyl diaryl dipyrromethane by excited state dual proton transfer (ESDPT) induces "turn on" fluorescence. The role of diaryl and diformyl groups in the enolization process was confirmed by photophysical and theoretical studies.
Proper identification of nonlinear and complex distillation column is a challenging task in process industry. It is necessary for analyzing controller performance of the complex distillation column. In this work, identification of benzene-toluene distillation column is developed using neural network based on adaptive network based fuzzy inference system(More)
Design and implementation are two major aspects of the software development and the deviation between them needs to be minimized to the best extent possible. Of the many difficulties in detecting the deviation is the absence of common notation to compare the implementation artefact (code) against the design artefact. In this paper we present an approach to(More)