K Gramatikoff

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HIV-1 reverse transcriptase is a dimeric enzyme mainly involved in the replication of the viral genome. A filamentous phage cDNA expression library from human lymphocytes was used to select cellular proteins interacting with HIV-1 reverse transcriptase Affinity selections using the bacterially expressed monomeric large subunit of reverse transcriptase (p66)(More)
Recently we developed a method called direct interaction rescue (DIRE) for selective cloning in filamentous phage. The rescue is effected by the interaction of two heterologous proteins, one fused to the N-terminus of gene 3 adhesion protein, the other fused to the C-terminus. When heterologous fusion proteins interact with each other, gene 3 protein(More)
A prokaryotic CpG-specific methylase from Spiroplasma, SssI methylase, is now widely used to study the effect of CpG methylation in mammalian cells, and can processively modify cytosines in CpG dinucleotides in the absence of Mg2+. In the presence of Mg2+, we found (i) that the methylation reaction is distributive rather than processive as a result of the(More)
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