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By analysing data sets from different world regions we add evidence to documented changes in demersal fish community structure that may be related to fishing. Changes are analysed by community properties that might be expected to capture relevant overall changes – size spectra slopes and intercepts, Shannon-Wiener diversity, and dominance. Cross-system(More)
Efficient continuous-wave (cw) lasing of Cr(2+):ZnS and Cr(2+):ZnSe crystals in external hemispherical cavities and in a microchip configuration under Er-fiber-laser pumping at room temperature are reported. The key result is what is believed to be the first successful demonstration of cw Cr(2+):ZnS and Cr(2+):ZnSe microchip lasers with maximum output(More)
Demonstrations of CW and pulsed microchip lasing in Cr2þ:ZnS and Cr2þ:ZnSe crystals are reported. Slope efficiencies up to 53% with output power up to 150 mW for CW and energy up to 1 mJ for pulsed pumping were achieved. Two compact diode and Er fibre laser directly pumped external cavity Cr2þ: ZnS lasers are also described.
We explore a simple genetic algorithm (GA) in which two different fitness functions are combined and used together in an epoch of preadaptation prior to an epoch involving only one of the fitness functions. The effects of preadaptation epoch length on mean best-of-run fitness and success rate statistics are examined and contrasted with those of an otherwise(More)
  • K. Graham, Mark Gogins, Heidi Schreuder - Gibson
  • 2004
Electrospun nanofibers may have broad application in composite nonwoven structures in traditional markets. Electrospun nanofibers are being considered for a variety of applications where their unique properties contribute to product functionality. Those properties include high surface area, small fiber diameter, potential to incorporate active chemistry,(More)
An efficient room temperature all-solid-state laser system continuously tunable in the 0.2-10 .tm spectral range has been developed. It is based on the alexandrite laser pumped LiF:Fj' color center laser system. The alexandrite LiF:F24** color center laser combination system has been shown to be a suitable drive source for a number of efficient nonlinear(More)
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