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Many lipid-tethered proteins and glycolipids exist as monomers and nanoclusters on the surface of living cells. The spatial distribution and dynamics of formation and breakup of nanoclusters does not reflect thermal and chemical equilibrium and is controlled by active remodeling of the underlying cortical actin. We propose a model for nanoclustering based(More)
Several cell-surface lipid-tethered proteins exhibit a concentration-independent, cholesterol-sensitive organization of nanoscale clusters and monomers. To understand the mechanism of formation of these clusters, we investigate the spatial distribution and steady-state dynamics of fluorescently tagged GPI-anchored protein nanoclusters using high-spatial and(More)
It is known that PID controller is employed in every facet of industrial automation. The application of PID controller span from small industry to high technology industry. In this paper, it is proposed that the controller be tuned using Adaptive fuzzy controller. Adaptive fuzzy controller is a stochastic global search method that emulates the process of(More)
Many spectrum methods have been proposed to use spectrum effectively, the opportunistic spectrum access has become the most viable approach to achieve near-optimal spectrum utilization by allowing secondary users to sense and access available spectrum opportunistically. However, a naive spectrum access for secondary users can make spectrum utilization(More)
In this paper, a self tuning Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) with PSS controller is presented for improving stability of a system in simulink environment. The development of a PID with power system stabilizer in order to maintain stability and enhance the performance of a power system is described widely. The application of the PID with PSS(More)
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