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It is observed that during the evolution of species, reticulation is an important event and is very prevalent in several organisms. However, the analytical tools for the representation of these events are still under development. This is primarily because of the difficulty involved in detecting these reticulation events that have taken place during the(More)
Here we give a necessary and sufficient condition for a Banach space to be separable. For a Banach space B over the complex field C, let C(R, B) denote the set of all continuous functions defined on the real line R taking values in B with the compact convergence topology. When B = C we write C(R) for C(R, C). For a function φ in C(R, B) let τ (φ) denote the(More)
For the construction of a phylogenetic network, it is essential to know if the new sequence that is being inserted is the result of mutations or due to events like recombinations. Recombination is a process of formation of new genetic sequences by piecing together segments of previously existing sequences [1][2]. Once it is determined that it is a(More)
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