K. Goshtasbi

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Prediction of rock fragmentation is essential for optimizing blasting operation. Fragmentation depends on many parameters such as rock mass properties, blast geometry and explosive properties. In this paper, artificial neural network (ANN) method is implemented to develop a model to predict rock fragmentation due to blasting in an iron ore mine. In the(More)
Generally, the accurate determination of the stress in surrounding rock mass of underground mining area has an important role in stability and ground control. In this paper stress redistribution around the longwall face has been studied using passive seismic velocity tomography based on Simultaneous Iterative Reconstructive Technique (SIRT) and Sequential(More)
Nowadays, the longwall mining is one of the most prevalent methods being used in coal mines. For the safety and success of such mines, one of the most important parameters is determination of the periodic roof weighting interval. As a matter of fact periodic roof weighting interval (PRWI) is not selected. Design and selection of support in this mining(More)
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