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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence and describe the clinical correlates of subnormal cobalamin levels in subjects infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and to assess its relationship to virus-mediated immunosuppression and/or anti-viral therapy. SETTING Outpatient referral clinic in tertiary care hospital. PATIENT POPULATION 200 HIV(More)
Neonatal liver (storage) but not heart (nonstorage) tissue iron concentrations were reduced by 60% at autopsy in 15 newborn infants who had gestations complicated by uteroplacental insufficiency because of maternal hypertension or Potter syndrome. The hepatic iron reductions in term and preterm infants, and with either antecedent condition, were similar.
Matched hypothalamo-pituitary portal and jugular blood samples were collected over about 6 h from 7 lactating Corriedale ewes penned with their lambs, and a careful record was kept of ewe/lamb behaviour. Hypothalamo-pituitary portal blood concentrations of beta-endorphin were measured by radioimmunoassay and the secretion rates were calculated; these were(More)
In the present paper, we have studied the impact of lactation upon fertility in the capuchin monkey, Cebus apella, under laboratory conditions. Nursing females (ten females, 12 postpartum periods) presented lactational amenorrhea (first menses at 159.2 +/- 9.0 vs 42.6 +/- 5.8 days postpartum in five non-nursing females, seven postpartum periods). Plasma(More)
In order to determine whether pituitary prolactin release was directly related to the secretion of TRH into hypophysial portal blood, serial portal and jugular venous blood samples were collected from seven lactating and three non-lactating ewes. In another experiment, samples were collected from five ovariectomized ewes while being exposed to an(More)
Pouch young of wallabies presumed to be carrying diapausing blastocysts were removed from the teat for times varying between 24 and 96 h and then returned to the same teat. The mothers were monitored for termination of diapause and checked for births or oestrus. In this way we were able to determine the critical time required to reactivate the quiescent(More)
Previous studies have described the basic suckling behavior of ewe/lamb pairs during daylight hours, but no information is available for the hours of darkness. In this study, the natural pattern of suckling was recorded over a 24-h period once a week for the first 7 weeks of lactation in 7 free-ranging Merino ewes with single lambs. Both the mean suckling(More)
BACKGROUND Continuous treatment is recommended for patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis; however, treatment may need to be interrupted in routine clinical practice. OBJECTIVE To assess outcomes in patients continuously treated with ixekizumab versus those who interrupted therapy and were subsequently retreated with ixekizumab (IXE). METHODS This(More)
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