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— Call graphs depict the static, caller-callee relation between " functions " in a program. With most source/target languages supporting functions as the primitive unit of composition , call graphs naturally form the fundamental control flow representation available to understand/develop software. They are also the substrate on which various interprocedural(More)
Wireless LAN (WLAN) market consists of IEEE 802.11 MAC standard conformant devices (e.g., access points (APs), client adapters) from multiple vendors. Certain third party certifications such as those specified by the Wi-Fi alliance have been widely used by vendors to ensure basic conformance to the 802.11 standard, thus leading to the expectation that the(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a host-based driver (a " volume manager ") for a 3-tier RAID storage system, currently with 3 tiers: a small RAID1 tier and larger RAID5 and compressed RAID5 (cRAID5) tiers. Based on access patterns (" temperature "), the driver automatically migrates frequently ac-cessed data to RAID1 while demoting not(More)
The ever-increasing volume of archival data that needs to be reliably retained for long periods of time and the decreasing costs of disk storage, memory, and processing have motivated the design of low-cost, high-efficiency disk-based storage systems. However, <i>managed</i> disk storage is still expensive. To further lower the cost, redundancy can be(More)
Enterprise storage demands have overwhelmed traditional storage mechanisms and have led to the development of Storage Area Networks (SANs). This has resulted in the design of SCSI transport protocols that encapsulate SCSI commands and data for transfer over the network. Fiber channel protocol was the first such protocol that used Gi-gabit per second speed(More)