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Digital watermarks have recently been proposed for the purpose of copy deterrence of multimedia content. Copy deterrence using digital watermarks is achieved by inserting a unique watermark into each copy of the image sold which could be used to trace unauthorized copies to the erring buyer. However, all the schemes proposed in the literature suuer from the(More)
Large numbers of inbred laboratory rat strains have been developed for a range of complex disease phenotypes. To gain insights into the evolutionary pressures underlying selection for these phenotypes, we sequenced the genomes of 27 rat strains, including 11 models of hypertension, diabetes, and insulin resistance, along with their respective control(More)
A function f (X 1 ; X 2 ; : : : ; X n) is said to be t th-order correlation-immune if the ran-ally, if all possible outputs are equally likely, then f is called a t ?resilient function. In this paper, we provide three diierent characterizations of t th-order correlation immune functions and resilient functions where the random variable is over GF (q). The(More)
Orthogonal arrays (OAs) are basic combinatorial structures, which appear under various disguises in cryptology and the theory of algorithms. Among their applications are universal hashing, authentication codes, resilient and correlation-immune functions, derandomization of algorithms, and perfect local randomizers. In this paper, we give new explicit bounds(More)
A previously reported blood pressure (BP) quantitative trait locus on rat Chromosome 1 was isolated in a short congenic segment spanning 804.6 kb. The 804.6 kb region contained only two genes, LOC306664 and LOC306665. LOC306664 is predicted to translate into A Disintegrin-like and Metalloproteinase with Thrombospondin Motifs-16 (Adamts16). LOC306665 is a(More)
In 1985, Chor et al 2] conjectured that the only 1-resilient symmetric functions are the exclusive-or of all n variables and its negation. In this note the existence of symmetric resilient functions is shown to be equivalent to the existence of a solution to a simultaneous subset sum problem. Then, using arithmetic properties of certain binomial coeecients,(More)
For elliptic curve based cryptosystems, the discrete logarithm problem must be hard to solve. But even when this is true from a mathematical point of view, side-channel attacks could be used to reveal information about the key if proper countermeasures are not used. In this paper, we study the difficulty of the discrete logarithm problem when partial(More)