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Batch foam separation has been employed to separate Saccharomyces carlsbergensis cells from their broth without the use of any external surface-active agent. A model has been developed to predict the foamate cell concentration as well as the variation of cell concentration in the bulk liquid in the foam column as a function of time. The model assumes a(More)
– Building on the well-established form closure framework for holding rigid parts, this paper proposes a new framework for holding deformable parts. We consider the class of deformable parts that can be modeled as linearly elastic polygons with a triangular finite element mesh and given stiffness matrix. We define the D-space (deformation-space) of a part(More)
Trains of spin echoes are normally modulated by homonuclear scalar couplings. It has long been known that echo modulations are quenched when the pulse-repetition rates are much larger than the offsets of the coupling partners, because the spin systems behave as if they consisted of magnetically equivalent spins when the offsets are suppressed. This type of(More)
In this paper, we introduce unilateral fixtures , a new class of fixtures for sheet-metal parts with holes. These fixtures use cylindrical jaws with conical grooves that facilitate part alignment; each jaw provides the equivalent of four point contacts. The fixtures are unilateral in the sense that their actuating mechanisms are restricted to one(More)
BEOL-friendly Access Devices (AD) based on Cu-containing MIEC materials[1-4] are integrated in large (512×1024) arrays at 100% yield, and are successfully co-integrated together with Phase Change Memory (PCM). Numerous desirable attributes are demonstrated: the large currents (>200µA) needed for PCM, the bipolar operation required for high-performance RRAM,(More)
We extend the form closure framework for rigid parts to holding a class of deformable parts. In this class, a part is a linearly elastic, frictionless polygon with a finite element mesh and given stiffness matrix. We define the D-space (deformation-space) of a part as the C-space of all its mesh nodes. We define the free space as the intersection of the set(More)
Singlet-states |S=(|alphabeta> - |betaalpha>)/sq.rt.2 can be excited in pairs of coupled spins I and S, first by preparing either a non-vanishing zero-quantum coherence I(+)S(-) or a state of longitudinal two-spin order I(z)S(z) and then by applying a coherent radio-frequency (RF) irradiation with a carrier frequency omega(rf) = (Omega(I) + Omega(S))/2 that(More)
We demonstrate compact integrated arrays of BEOL-friendly novel access devices (AD) based on Cu-containing MIEC materi-als[1-3]. In addition to the high current densities and large ON/OFF ratios needed for Phase Change Memory (PCM), scaled-down ADs also exhibit larger voltage margin Vm, ultra-low leakage (<10pA), and much higher endurance (>10 8) at high(More)