K. George

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The identification of microvascular pericytes in vitro relies principally on morphological characteristics and growth dynamics, as there is a paucity of immunochemical markers for these cells. Consequently, an attempt was made to identify mAb reagents that would aid in both the rapid identification and enrichment of retinal capillary pericytes in vascular(More)
A new human T cell subset defined by antineuronal ganglioside mAb 3G5 increases linearly with advancing age in man. The percentage of circulating 3G5+ T cells in 21 normal individuals, quantitated by cytofluorograph analysis, increases linearly from age 7 (23-30%) to age 84 (58%) (r = 0.85, p less than 0.001). The antigen on T cells has the biochemical(More)
This paper proposes a Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) design for multi-core environments. Using a novel technique to keep track of transactional read-write entries, the design provides a holistic and scalable solution to Transactional Memory (TM) implementation issues of context switching, process migration and overflow handling. Another aspect of the(More)
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