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An intelligent computer-aided diagnosis system can be very helpful for radiologist in detecting and diagnosing microcalcifications earlier and faster than typical screening programs. In this paper, Genetic Algorithm (GA) and New Particle Swarm Optimization (NPSO) algorithm are proposed for feature selection, and their performance is compared. The Spatial(More)
The increasing demand for World Wide Web (WWW) services has made document caching a necessity to decrease download times and reduce Internet traffic. This work aims at implementing SEMALRU- A Semantic and Least Recently Used Web cache replacement policy. The basic LRU replacement policy is augmented with Semantic content of web pages to improve the(More)
As a part of ongoing research for novel natural cosmeceutical actives from plant extracts, this study demonstrates that Phyllanthus emblica fruit extract has shown its efficacy in protection against ultraviolet-B (UVB) irradiation-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) and collagen damage in normal human dermal fibroblasts. At a concentration of 0.5 mg/ml,(More)
Translations are the most common motions in several industrial branches. Usually the linear motion is generated by belt or spindle drives using rotational motors. Elasticity and backlash are the problems that hinder the accuracy of such drives. These mechanical arrangements provide low speed only. Utilization of high performance linear motors can eliminate(More)
Genetic algorithm (GA) and Ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm are proposed for feature selection, and their performance is compared. The spatial gray level dependence method (SGLDM) is used for feature extraction. The selected features are fed to a three-layer backpropagation network hybrid with ant colony optimization (BPN-ACO) for classification. And(More)
Routing in MANET is extremely challenging because of MANETs dynamic features, its limited bandwidth, frequent topology changes caused by node mobility and power energy consumption. In order to efficiently transmit data to destinations, the applicable routing algorithms must be implemented in mobile ad-hoc networks. Thus we can increase the efficiency of the(More)
Three major object tracking algorithms are evaluated in this paper. The performances of these algorithms for different video sequences are analysed. Object tracking is an important task in many surveillance applications, some problem and its difficulty depend on several factors such as pose change, various lighting condition, occlusion, dynamic object,(More)
Phishing is a kind of online security attack where the attacker creates a replica of an existing web page to fool users in order to hack their personal, financial, or password data. The statistics today reveal that the current Anti-Phishing system has failed to prevent Phishing completely. In this paper an Anti-Phishing algorithm is proposed which is termed(More)