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Document classification can be defined as the task of automatically categorizing collections of electronic documents into their annotated classes, based on their contents. In recent years this has become important due to the advent of large amount of data in digital form. For several decades now document classification in the form of text classification(More)
This paper presents an efficient image retrieval system called BICA-C for face recognition. This system takes an image as an input query and retrieves images based on its image content. Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is an approach for retrieving semantically-relevant images from an image database based on extracted image features. Block Independent(More)
Many algorithms were designed to remove image blur due to camera shake, either with one or multiple input images, by using the deconvolution problem. If the photographer takes a burst of images, a modality available in virtually all modern digital cameras, it is possible to combine all the images to get a clean sharp version. This algorithm does not use(More)
A low computational complexity and low cost recursive discrete Fourier transform (RDFT) design for DTMF application is proposed in this paper.The DFT is also used to efficiently solve partial differential equations, and to perform other operations such as convolution or multiplying large integers .There are lots of architectures available in literature(More)
In the title compound, C11H7Br3ClN, the quinoline ring system is approximately planar (r.m.s. = 0.011 Å). In the crystal, mol-ecules are linked by C-H⋯Br inter-actions forming chains along [10-1]. The chains are linked by C-H⋯π and π-π inter-actions involving inversion-related pyridine rings [inter-centroid distance = 3.608 (4) Å], forming sheets parallel(More)