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The lack of easily measurable, objective physiological activity parameters of the masseter and temporalis muscle during jaw movements in humans has led to the consideration to revise data of surface electromyographies (EMGs) by applying a computerized quantification method. The aim of this follow-up analysis was to get quantitative data out of EMG-records(More)
The activity of jaw elevator muscles (masseter and anterior temporal muscle) was studied by surface electromyography in 17 patients wearing complete dentures with anterior-canine guidance. Baseline electromyography was recorded with the dentures and compared to recordings obtained with two different splints adapted to the upper denture, one providing(More)
The distance alterations between the first premolar and second molar in the sagittal direction were measured on complete arch models in two planes. Two dental stones, three resins, and silver-plating were used to make reproductions of a master cast under standardized conditions. Special emphasis was directed to the distinction between the right half of the(More)