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HSP100 protein is an important component of the heat-shock response in diverse organisms. Using specific primers based on cDNA sequence, rice hsp101 gene was PCR-amplified and sequenced. Southern analysis revealed that there appears to be a single gene per haploid genome coding for HSP101 protein in rice. Northern analysis showed that expression of hsp101(More)
Candida albicans and some other pathogenic Candida species, when grown in a medium containing a protein as a sole source of nitrogen, secrete an acid proteinase. Culture supernatants were assayed for proteinase activity, and were also analysed by Western blotting with antibodies raised and affinity-purified against proteinase of C. albicans. Proteinases(More)
Stereospecific conversion of hydantoins into their carbamoyl acid derivatives could be achieved by using the enzyme hydantoinase. Specific hydantoinases convert either the D-form or the L-form of the hydantoin and the amino acids responsible for stereospecificity have not been identified. Structural studies on hydantoinases from a few bacterial species were(More)
Whole genome sequencing of several microbes has revealed thousands of genes of unknown function. A large proportion of these genes seem to confer subtle quantitative phenotypes or phenotypes that do not have a plate screen. We report a novel method to monitor such phenotypes, where the fitness of mutants is assessed in mixed cultures under competitive(More)