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Rationale: Many previous studies have reported that alcohol and cannabis produce additive psychomotor effects in acute combination, but few have explicitly tested whether chronic exposure to cannabis, in the absence of acute administration, alters the effects of alcohol on psychomotor performance. Objectives: To test whether long-term cannabis use modulates(More)
One reason for the development of quality adjusted life years (QALYs) is to facilitate comparison across health care programmes in terms of productivity per unit of expenditure. However, some approaches to QALY measurement have also been developed using 'programme-specific' dimensions of quality of life. Using data, from a longitudinal trial of long-term(More)
AIM This paper reports a literature review to synthesize the evidence on day surgery, demonstrating its usefulness for innovative nurses. BACKGROUND Day surgery growth has developed rapidly in recent years. Such a rapid growth has triggered a shift in nursing roles and interventions. Nursing roles are taking shape within modern day surgical units but have(More)
BACKGROUND The rapid expansion in day surgery has facilitated a shift in surgical nursing intervention. The evolving evidence base has a major part to play in influencing nurse-led preassessment, information provision, pain management and postoperative intervention. However, the literature is characterised by a number of deficits: poor attention to patient(More)
Measurements taken from the nose are among the most important physical variables which discriminate statistically between male and female faces, yet several investigators have claimed that it is difficult to judge sex on the basis of noses presented in isolation. Previous work on the isolated nose has, however, involved the use of frontal views only, which(More)
OBJECTIVE Investigate presence of psychiatric morbidity in informal carers using 30-item General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) and examine which factors best predict psychiatric morbidity. DESIGN Two-year longitudinal, panel survey of informal supporters of frail elderly subjects, using semi-structured interview schedules. Subjects were those defined as(More)
An evaluation of the Peterborough Hospital at Home scheme was undertaken to examine the complementary roles of Hospital at Home, hospital ward and the District Nursing Service. The evaluation involved two surveys; the first was a retrospective study of records of patients admitted to one of the three care settings during 1983. The second survey was a(More)
The aim of this paper is to quantify service use and costs of supporting frail older people at home in the community, using data collected in a longitudinal multicentre stratified randomised study for 1055 mentally frail, physically frail, and mentally and physically frail subjects. Average costs per person per week were found to total 64.45 Pounds(More)
QALYs have developed in the UK as a tool for comparing the outcome of health care procedures in a single index over time. This tool can then be used, along with information on costs of procedures, in decision-making about health service resource allocation. It is shown that the attributes of disability and distress, on which QALYs are presently based in the(More)
Using the theory of multiproduct cost functions, this paper derives a cost function for physically frail older people living in private households, based on data collected between 1991 and 1995, for 472 subjects aged 65 years of age or over in four areas of England. The main characteristic of the cost function is that output categories are classified in(More)