K. G. Wilkinson

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Seven isolates of orchid-associated bacteria (OAB) belonging to five species were tested for their effect on mycorrhiza-assisted germination of the terrestrial orchid Pterostylis vittata. Hormone standards were also tested to evaluate their potential roles in the germination and development of the orchid. Strains of Pseudomonas putida, Xanthomonas(More)
Food-borne illnesses have rarely been associated with the reuse of poultry litter as an organic fertilizer and soil amendment in agriculture. Yet farming practices in many countries have come under increased scrutiny because of heightened consumer awareness of food safety and environmental issues. This study was conducted to determine whether simple on-farm(More)
Composting is a natural biological decomposition process that takes place under aerobic and thermophilic conditions. It can be used for the day-to-day management of mortalities on farms and for carcass disposal in emergency animal disease (EAD) outbreaks. In mortality composting, carcasses are placed in piles or bins together with supplemental carbon(More)
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