K. G. Preetha

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Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETS) is a collection of wireless nodes without any infrastructure support. The nodes in MANET can act as either router or source and the control of the network is distributed among nodes. The nodes in MANETS are highly mobile and it maintains dynamic interconnection between those mobile nodes. MANTEs have been considered as(More)
Mobile Ad hoc network termed as MANET is a collection of wireless mobile nodes, which dynamically form a temporary network without any existing network infrastructure. Cluster based routing includes role based routing such as cluster head performs observer role, one of the cluster member act as source/sink role. Cluster based routing includes both reactive(More)
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETS) consists of a collection of mobile nodes without having a central coordination. In MANET, node mobility and dynamic topology play an important role in the performance. MANET provide a solution for network connection at anywhere and at any time. The major features of MANET are quick set up, self organization and self(More)
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