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From bronchial measurements in 136 deceased coal miners a comparison with well-documented ante-mortem findings shows that with increasing clinical severity of chronic bronchitis there is increasing narrowing of intrapulmonary airways due to wall thickening at the expense of the lumen. With the aid of the Reid index (gland/wall ratio) and a new proposed(More)
SYNOPSIS Pneumoconlosls of coalminers appears to be a conglomerate of fibrosis, emphysema, bronchial obstruction and simple clogging of the lung tissues and air spaces with dust. The prevalence of pneumoconiosis and of chronic obstructive bronchitis and emphysema amongst New South Wales coalminers is considered. Schemes for diagnosis and assessment of(More)
In a series of 89 subjects (all coal miners or ex-coal miners) a high order of correlation has been found between diaphragmatic excursus measured within five years of death and the necropsy assessment of emphysema in the lungs. In the absence of other common factors that reduce the range of movement of the diaphragm, measurements of diaphragmatic excursus(More)
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