K G Kastella

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The AC electrical impedance of frog skin was measured in the range 1 cycle/second to 50 kc/second by injecting current sinusoidally at low current density. The behavior of the skin was found to be linear so the usual concepts of impedance could be validly employed. In the range 1 cycle/second to 5 kc/second, the impedance traces out a circular arc locus(More)
Our group is creating a database of x-, y-, z- coordinates of central nervous system structures from serial cross-sections. We produce 3D computer images of the brain and its components and record them on videodisc. Useful animations include combining objects from different databases to correct anatomical scale, rendering a surface translucent to reveal(More)
Several mathematical descriptions of heat transport in perfused tissues have been proposed but have not been thoroughly tested under conditions of time-varying temperatures. Data was obtained by measuring the response of brain temperature to step changes in temperature of chronically implanted thermodes in conscious baboons. These responses were compared to(More)
KASTELLA, K. G., H. A. SPURGEON, AND G. K. WEISS. Rcspiratory-related neurons in anterior hypothalamus of the cat. Am. J. Physiol. 227(3) : 71 O-71 3. 1974.-Unit discharges correlated with respiratory air flow velocity were recorded with tungsten microelectrodes from the anterior hypothalamus of the spontaneously respiring cat. Inspiratory, expiratory, and(More)
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