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Success of software projects depends upon several factors which includes ability of the software to be failure free. There exist several techniques to either eliminate or resolve or to reduce the impact of failures that inevitability prevails with any projects. This paper throws an insight to the various applications of real time embedded projects. It aims(More)
Face detection is used to locate and as well as identify the human faces in the image or video in different illumination, pose, orientation, in-plane rotation, position. Since face is the centre of attraction in video and images, it is used in several applications such as security, retrieval, video compression, recognition technology. Face detection is(More)
Selection of image denoising algorithm mainly depends on the level and type of noise. To estimate the noise from the noisy image is a difficult task and accuracy of the noise estimation technique depends on the detected homogeneous regions. The fuzzy c means clustering algorithm to detect the homogeneous blocks is proposed in this paper.
Breast cancer is caused due to uncontrolled growth of cells in the breast. Cancer has the potential to break through normal breast tissue barriers and spreads to other parts of the body. While cancer is always caused by a genetic “abnormality” (a “mistake” in the genetic mater ial), only 5-10% of cancers are inherited from your mother or father. Instead,(More)
Active contours are used extensively in computer vision and image processing applications, such as to locate object boundaries and object recognition etc. In this paper active contour and gradient vector models have been implemented and comparative study has been made with respect to their accuracy in describing the object and robustness to changes of model(More)
The miraculous powers of modern day calculations rests on three important discoveries namely Arabic notation, decimal fractions and logarithm. The concept of logarithm has been used for more than three hundred years and it has simplified lot of calculations but in today's modern systems such as FPGAs which are employed in Software Defined Radios there is a(More)
The face is the primary focus of attention in social life playing an important role in conveying identity and emotions. A number of faces can be recognized learned throughout lifespan and identify faces at a glance even after years of separation. This skill is quite robust despite of large variations in visual stimulus due to changing condition, aging and(More)
Nowadays roads are getting overcrowded and the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing. The main reason is the increase in the population of metro cities, urbanization, and economical development of the country that subsequently led to the increased demand for vehicular travel. Incident detection and Traffic congestion are the serious issues in(More)
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