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In this paper, we have proposed probabilistic parser for identifying the face in a given scene image. Many object detection techniques use pattern statistical methods for feature extraction which is resource intensive and time consuming. We proposed a novel certainty factor based geometrical formulation for facial feature extraction. The proposed method(More)
— Facial expression recognition has different applications in the real world. We present a method to identify facial expressions taken from camera and build a parallel facial expression recognition system. A statistical technique such as Principal Component Analysis is used for dimensionality reduction and recognition and widely used for facial feature(More)
— Quality of Service(QoS} in MANET is defined as the best possible service that intermediate nodes in a path can guarantee to the end nodes. QoS is a greater challenge in MANET than the wired networks due to dynamic topology and variability in power dissipation and energy consumption of the nodes. In this work we propose a new metric Entropy based on energy(More)
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