K. G. Karibasappa

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In this paper, we have proposed probabilistic parser for identifying the face in a given scene image. Many object detection techniques use pattern statistical methods for feature extraction which is resource intensive and time consuming. We proposed a novel certainty factor based geometrical formulation for facial feature extraction. The proposed method(More)
Congestion leads to bandwidth degradation and, packet losses thereby causing retransmissions and higher energy drain rate by the nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks(MANET). So providing Quality of Service(QoS) and reducing congestion levels are some of the major issues to be addressed in these networks. However , use of appropriate congestion control measures(More)
— Quality of Service(QoS} in MANET is defined as the best possible service that intermediate nodes in a path can guarantee to the end nodes. QoS is a greater challenge in MANET than the wired networks due to dynamic topology and variability in power dissipation and energy consumption of the nodes. In this work we propose a new metric Entropy based on energy(More)
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