K G Gapochko

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Clinico-immunological studies on men were conducted using associated immunization by pair combinations of 8 commercial national vaccines (typhoid, plague, typhus, smallpox, tick-borne encephalitis, yellow-fever, cholera and sextaanatoxine). As for reactogenicity and immunological efficiency (serological studies), these pair associations can be subdivided(More)
Experimental researches were conducted on reactogenicity and immunological efficiency of pair associations of 8 commercial drug preparations. The following vaccines were used in various pair combinations: typhoid, plague, smallpox, typhus, tick-borne encephalitis, yellow-fever, cholera, sextaanatoxine. Pair combinations of these drug preparations were(More)
Reactogenic properties and survival of the smallpox vaccine virus in the organism of the vaccinated rabbits were studied for the purpose of experimental substantiation of the subcutaneous-jet method of smallpox vaccination; serological shifts were determined, and also the intensity of the immunity created to the intracerebral and intranasal infection with(More)
The article substantiates epidemiological expediency of complex (associated) immunization of servicemen and population against typhoid, typhus and plague in polyetiological zones of these infections, and also in cases of simultaneous proliferation of these diseases. For simultaneous preventive vaccination against these infections a complex immunization(More)