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15. Supplementary Notes Project performed in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. Project Title: Dynamic Traffic Flow Modeling for Incident Detection and Short-Term Congestion Prediction URL: http://tti.tamu.edu/documents/0-4946-1.pdf 16. Abstract The purpose of this report is to summarize the(More)
Freeway ramp metering often exists in the vicinity of a signal controlled diamond interchange, where the surface street system and the freeway system intersect. Even though both systems are controlled by traffic signals, they primarily operate independently one another. This paper presents a study on integrated operations of surface street system and(More)
pedestrian phase is not active. Such a phasing scheme would improve the operational efficiency while maintaining safety. Some earlier studies (2, 3) focused on pedestrian safety associated with rightturning movements and investigated various techniques for minimizing the conflicts, including the use of exclusive pedestrian phases. Tian et al. (4)(More)
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Self-help groups strengthen an individual's sense of autonomy and self-determination, and help to recover from diseases and other health-related problems. Participants mutually support each other within the group to promote a healthier approach to socio-psychological issues; they also conduct activities outside the group, especially counselling services for(More)
A new approach to application of bandwidth-oriented signal timing is proposed based on a system partition technique. The proposed approach is to divide a large arterial signal system into subsystems with 3 to 5 signals in each subsystem. Each subsystem is optimized to achieve the maximum bandwidth efficiency. A one-directional system progression bandwidth,(More)
RECENT YEARS have been the development of two somewhat similar automatic coding systems at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory of the University of California. The <italic>MADCAP</italic> system, generating codes to be run on the <italic>MANIAC</italic> computer, has been produced primarily by <italic>Mark Wells</italic> and <italic>Donald(More)
An Improved Bus Signal Priority System for Networks with Nearside Bus Stops. (December 2004) Wonho Kim, B.S., Chungbuk National University; M.C.P., Seoul National University Co-Chairs of Advisory Committee: Dr. Laurence R. Rilett Dr. Amy Epps Martin Bus Signal Priority (BSP), which has been deployed in many cities around the world, is a traffic signal(More)
16. Abstract Diamond interchanges and their associated ramps are where the surface street arterial system and the freeway system interface. Historically, these two elements of the system have been operated with little or no coordination between the two. One drawback of operating the ramp-metering system and the diamond interchange system in isolation is(More)
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