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A nonparametric method of discriminant analysis is proposed. It is based on nonparametric extensions of commonly used scatter matrices. Two advantages result from the use of the proposed nonparametric scatter matrices. First, they are generally of full rank. This provides the ability to specify the number of extracted features desired. This is in contrast(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for recognizing human actions and objects and translating them into natural language text. First, 3D environmental map is constructed by accumulating range maps captured from a 3D range sensor mounted on a mobile robot. Then, pose of a person in the scene is estimated by fitting articulated cylindrical model and also(More)
A nonparametric data reduction technique is proposed. Its goal is to select samples that are ``representative'' of the entire data set. The technique is iterative and is based on the use of a criterion function and nearest neighbor density estimates. Experiments are presented to demonstrate the algorithm.
Phage display technology is undoubtedly a powerful tool for affinity selection of target-specific peptide. Commercially available premade phage libraries allow us to take screening in the easiest way. On the other hand, construction of a custom phage library seems to be inaccessible, because several practical tips are absent in instructions. This paper(More)
In general, it is possible to find certain behavioral patterns in human daily activity. Such patterns are called as daily behavioral patterns. The purpose of this research is to learn and recognize behavioral patterns. In the previous methods, it is difficult to recognize in detail how a person acts in a room because the methods recognize only a sequence of(More)
The site-specific introduction of a haloacetamide derivative into a designated cysteine on a displaying peptide on a capsid protein (gp10) of bacteriophage T7 has been achieved. This easiest gp10-based thioetherification (10BASEd-T) is carried out in one-pot without side reactions or loss of phage infectivity.
A number of properties of separable covariance matrices are summarized. Expressions for the divergence of the corresponding two-dimensional Gaussian random processes are given in terms of row and column covariance matrices, and in terms of linear prediction parameters and maximum likelihood spectral estimates. Such time and frequency domain expressions are(More)
This paper review's the origins of basic mean shift algorithm, as being a procedure which iteratively moves data points to the average of data points and its extension to the field of object tracking. Tracking of any given object forms integral part in surveillance, control and analysis applications. The video tracker presented here works on the(More)