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Robo receptors interact with ligands of the Slit family. The nematode C. elegans has one Robo receptor (SAX-3) and one Slit protein (SLT-1), which direct ventral axon guidance and guidance at the midline. In larvae, slt-1 expression in dorsal muscles repels axons to promote ventral guidance. SLT-1 acts through the SAX-3 receptor, in parallel with the(More)
The SAX-3/roundabout (Robo) receptor has SLT-1/Slit-dependent and -independent functions in guiding cell and axon migrations. We identified enhancer of ventral-axon guidance defects of unc-40 mutants (EVA-1) as a Caenorhabditis elegans transmembrane receptor for SLT-1. EVA-1 has two predicted galactose-binding ectodomains, acts cell-autonomously for(More)
The polyhedral homotopy continuation method is known to be a successful method for finding all isolated solutions of a system of polynomial equations. PHoM, an implementation of the method in C++, finds all isolated solutions of a polynomial system by constructing a family of modified polyhedral homotopy functions, tracing the solution curves of the(More)
The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether participants with intellectual impairments could benefit from the movement associated with animated pictures while they were learning symbol names. Sixteen school students, whose linguistic-developmental age ranged from 38?91 months, participated in the experiment. They were taught 16 static visual(More)
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