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The phase behavior of a 50% binary hard-disk mixture with diameter ratio sigmaB/sigmaA=0.414 , which is exposed to a one-dimensional periodic potential, is examined via Monte Carlo simulations. We find an induced structural crossover in the modulated liquid. At higher densities, depending on the strength of the external potential, the system exhibits a(More)
Ordering phenomena in colloidal dispersions exposed to external one-dimensional, periodic fields or under confinement are studied systematically by Monte Carlo computer simulations. Such systems are useful models for the study of monolayers on a substrate. We find that the interaction with a substrate potential completely changes the miscibility of a(More)
In this work, we focus on low-dimensional colloidal model systems, via simulation studies and also some complementary experiments, in order to elucidate the interplay between phase behavior, geometric structures and transport properties. In particular, we try to investigate the (nonlinear!) response of these very soft colloidal systems to various(More)
Ordering phenomena on surfaces or in monolayers can be successfully studied by model systems as binary hard-disk mixtures, the influence of a substrate being modeled by an external potential. For the field-free case the thermodynamic stability of space-filling lattice structures for binary hard-disk mixtures is studied by Monte Carlo computer simulations.(More)
A brief review focusing on low-dimensional colloidal model systems is given describing both simulation studies and complementary experiments, elucidating the interplay between phase behavior, geometric structures, and transport phenomena. These studies address the response of these very soft colloidal systems to perturbations such as uniform or uniaxial(More)
In soft matter systems the local displacement field can be accessed directly by video microscopy enabling one to compute local strain fields and hence the elastic moduli in these systems using a coarse-graining procedure. We study this process in detail for a simple triangular, harmonic lattice in two dimensions. Coarse-graining local strains obtained from(More)
The nonlocal elastic response function is crucial for understanding many properties of soft solids. This may be obtained by measuring strain-strain autocorrelation functions. We use computer simulations as well as video microscopy data of superparamagnetic colloids to obtain these correlations for two-dimensional triangular solids. Elastic constants and(More)
Two-dimensional model colloids and nano wires: phase transitions, effects of external potentials and quantum effects Abstract Quantum effects, structures and phase transitions in Nano-systems have been analyzed. An overview is given on the results of our computations on structural and elastic properties of model colloids, on phase transitions of model(More)
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