K. Frank Zhang

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We considered the phantom cosmology with the original B-I type scalar Field with the lagrangian L = 1 η [1 − 1 − ηg µν φ , µ φ , ν ] − u(φ),which is proposed by Born and Infeld in 1934. We find that there must exist a positive potential u(ϕ) for physical permit in our phantom model. We give the condition for an arbitrary potential to admit a late time(More)
you can try this book on this site calpoly.edu/~garcher/archer.pdf The finite element method in electromagnetics by Jian-Ming Jin. Article first generalized finite element method, electromagnetic problems. Download The Finite Element Method in Electromagneti The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics Jianming Jin, Jian-Ming Jin ebook. Format: pdf This is(More)
—The design and implementation of millimeter-wave full-band waveguide-based spatial power divider/combiner are presented in this paper. The divider/combiner is based on a compact waveguide-to-microstrip (Wg-Ms) probe-array transition structure, providing full-band frequency coverage and low insertion loss. Efficient design and analysis method for this type(More)
—The Frequent Image Frames Enhanced Digital Orthorectified Mapping (FIFEDOM) camera was designed to provide a cost-effective remote-sensing method for accurate acquisition of forest information, such as spatial distributions of individual tree species and tree structures for forest monitoring and management. Compared with existing regular digital cameras,(More)
— Information on the distribution of forest species is critical to sustainable management of the forest resources. However, forest species structure information accuracy remains low. Most of the current multi-angle data algorithms are based on the satellite-borne or simulated datasets. In this study, we exploited the use of structural information derived(More)
As one of the world's oldest continents, Australia has experienced a complicated geological history and thus has a distinctive landscape and an extensively weathered topography. As such, the gravity field of Australia behaves differently to that in other countries. This paper investigates the features of the Australian gravity field. The methods used are a(More)
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