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This study examined the dual-task interference effects of complexity (simple vs. complex), type of task (carrying a pitcher vs. tray), and age (young adults vs. 7-10 year old children) on temporal-spatial and variability measures of gait. All participants first walked on the GAITRite walkway without any concurrent task, followed by four dual-task gait(More)
The use of technology in supporting elections offers many benefits in addition to faster tallying, cost savings, etc. Every country has its own voting system legislation. Particularly in Mexico it is possible to modify the actual voting legislation with a new proposal presented in this paper. To a large extent, our principal contribution is to avoid human(More)
BACKGROUND The 1000s of people who die from cancer each year have become one of the leading causes of death among the Chilean population, placing it as the second cause of death in the region of Valparaiso between 1997 and 2003. Statistics have provided different measures regarding the life expectancy of cancer patients which have resulted in being useful(More)
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