K. Faith Lawrence

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Recent work in digital humanities has seen researchers increasingly producing online editions of texts and manuscripts, particularly in adoption of the TEI XML format for online publishing. The benefits of semantic web techniques are underexplored in such research, however, with a lack of sharing and communication of research information. The Sharing(More)
The benefit of metadata is widely recognized. However, the nature of that information and the method of production remains a topic of some debate. This division is most noticeable between those who believe in 'free tagging', and those who prefer the more formal construction of an ontology to define both the vocabulary of the domain and the relationships(More)
In this paper we consider the types of community networks that are most often codified within the Semantic Web. We propose the recognition of a new structure which fulfils the definition of community used outside the Semantic Web. We argue that the properties inherent in a community allow additional processing to be done with the described relationships(More)
This paper focuses on two of three related projects that are currently being undertaken as part of a larger investigation into whether the semantic web can be brought to hobbyist groups on the Internet. A lot of research is being done into the semantic web and creating semantic web applications. This research tends to fall into two categories academic(More)
In this paper we present the Sharing Ancient WisdomS (SAWS) project. Working with wisdom texts, or gnomologia, the project aims to produce an enhanced digital scholarly edition of the collected manuscripts which both makes the Greek, Arabic and Spanish texts available and demonstrates the hypertexual nature of these texts. By positioning the texts as(More)
The production of digital critical editions of texts using TEI is now a widely-adopted procedure within digital humanities. The work described in this paper extends this approach to the publication of gnomologia (anthologies of wise sayings), which formed a widespread literary genre in many cultures of the medieval Mediterranean. These texts are challenging(More)
The OntoMedia project began as a convergence of three interests the creation of metadata to describe the content of online amateur fiction, the identification of events in multimedia objects to seed external applications such as sound effects or automatic music generation and, finally, as a potential way of generating narrative. From that beginning it has(More)
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