K. F. Lam

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OBJECTIVE To explore the factors influencing doctors' job satisfaction and morale in China, in the context of the ongoing health system reforms and the deteriorating doctor-patient relationship. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey using self-completion questionnaires. STUDY SETTING The survey was conducted from March to May 2012 among doctors at the(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about sex knowledge, attitudes, and high-risk sexual behaviors among unmarried youth in Hong Kong. It is of public health importance to investigate this topic to inform sex education, policymaking, and prevention and intervention programs. METHODS Based on the Youth Sexuality Survey conducted by Hong Kong Family Planning(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the use of antibiotics by primary care doctors. METHODS General practitioners in Hong Kong were invited to fill in a short questionnaire on every patient with infection that they had seen on the first full working day once every three months for four consecutive quarters starting from December 2005. RESULTS Forty six primary care(More)
Clustered grouped survival data arise naturally in clinical medicine and biological research. For example, in a randomized clinical trial, the variable of interest is the time to occurrence of a certain event with or without a new treatment and the data are collected from possibly correlated subjects from independent clusters. However it is sometimes(More)
Clinical trials often use a binary "fold increase" endpoint defined according to the ratio of interval-censored measurement at end-of-study to that at baseline. We propose a simple yet principled analytic approach based on the linear mixed-effects model for interval-censored data for the analysis of such paired measurements. Having estimated the model(More)
BACKGROUND Recent literature shows that there is a large mismatch between the US patients' expected duration of acute cough illness and the actual duration. It has been suggested that this discrepancy may lead to antibiotic misuse. Currently, there is limited relevant information for the Chinese. This study aims to investigate the duration that Hong Kong(More)