K F Howells

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Recent research has noted the tendency of parasuicide patients to retrieve over-general autobiographical memories. Separate studies suggest problem-solving deficits within this group. The present study was concerned first with replicating these findings and, secondly, with developing a model of the relationship between over-general memory recall and poor(More)
Recent studies have shown that rats have a remarkable ability to keep track of their spatial location. Explanations stress the involvement of a form of short-term (working) memory in which the hippocampus appears to play a major role. The hippocampus appears to be vulnerable to early undernutrition and preliminary investigations indicate that Areas CA3 and(More)
The possibility of a "hippocampal syndrome' was investigated in mature animals whose mothers had received a period of undernutrition during pregnancy and throughout lactation. Spontaneous alternation behaviour was abolished, and performance was found to be at chance level. Significant depletions in cell numbers were found throughout the hippocampal region;(More)
Early undernutrition of male and female rats was effected by limiting the mothers' food supply by 40% during pregnancy and lactation. The rats were killed at the age of 20 weeks and physiologically fast and slow skeletal muscles were prepared for histochemical demonstration of muscle fibre types. In the fast extensor digitorum longus (EDL) and the slow(More)
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