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This article describes the first phase of a study that was designed to gain an understanding of hazardous waste workers' attitudes and beliefs about the use of respiratory protective equipment. Exploratory, open-ended interviews were conducted among 28 respirator users at a US Department of Energy facility. Subjects were asked to describe their knowledge,(More)
The mission of the United States Department of Energy sites has recently changed from nuclear weapons production to site remediation. Considering the mass of radiological and chemical contaminants at these sites, ensuring the health and safety of workers is a major challenge. This study used the findings from a written survey to describe occupational health(More)
The Hanford Nuclear Reservation is one of the U.S. Department of Energy's largest nuclear weapons sites. The enormous changes experienced by Hanford over the last several years, as its mission has shifted from weapons production to cleanup, has profoundly affected its occupational health and safety services. Innovative programs and new initiatives hold(More)
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