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To avoid premature lysosomal degradation, thyrocytes have a system able to recycle internalized immature thyroglobulin molecules (Tg) to the follicular lumen via the Golgi apparatus. It has been shown that this quality control system depends on recognition of exposed N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) determinants (Miquelis et al., J Cell Biol, 1993, 123, 1695)(More)
Autoantibodies against thyroid hormones (THAA) are frequently detected in the sera of patients with thyroid disorders together with autoantibodies against thyroglobulin (TGAA). THAA are considered to be a subset of TGAA, but alternative possibilities have not been excluded. We hypothesize that if THAA arise through an immune response to iodothyronines(More)
We characterized 26 mAb to human thyroglobulin to obtain a topographic map of the thyroglobulin antigenic surface. Among these mAb, three bind thyroglobulin peptides that are located in the primary sequence of thyroglobulin at either the N terminus or in the middle part of the molecule, three bind thyroglobulin via epitopes comprising the thyroid-hormone(More)
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