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AIM This research was conducted to determine the most affecting parameters on hatchability of indigenous and improved local chickens' eggs. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five parameters were studied (fertility, early and late embryonic mortalities, shape index, egg weight, and egg weight loss) on four strains, namely Fayoumi, Alexandria, Matrouh, and Montazah.(More)
AIM In this study, we examined parts of six growth genes (growth hormone [GH], melanocortin 4 receptor [MC4R], growth hormone receptor [GHR], phosphorglycerate mutase [PGAM], myostatin [MSTN], and fibroblast growth factor [FGF]) as specific primers for two rabbit lines (V-line, Alexandria) using nucleotide sequence analysis, to investigate association(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the association of two parts of melanocortin gene (MC4R-1, MC4R-2) and feed intake for V-line rabbits. V-line rabbits were grouped into high and low daily feed intake during the period from 30 to 63 days of age in order to identify MC4R SNPs useful for association study with feed intake. DNA from blood samples of each(More)
AIM Basic objective of this research was to compare two rabbit lines: V-line (exotic line), Alexandria (local synthetic line) for yield and composition of milk product and their effect on productive performance of rabbits. MATERIALS AND METHODS The experiment was conducted on 80 does and their kits. Milk yield (MY) of each doe and milk composition (MC)(More)
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