K. E. Novikova

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The mutual solubility and the liquid-liquid equilibrium at 20°C was investigated in the systemsβ-ionone-petroleum ether-water andgb-aldehyde-C14-benzene-water. The dependence of the refractive index and the density on the composition of the ternary systems in equilibrium was determined for the given systems at 20°C.
In the preparation of Ci4-fi-aldehyde from/3-ionone, the technical product contains a certain amount of fi-ionone and other impurities. The isolation of Cl4-fl-aldehyde in pure form by the method of vacuum fractionation presents much difficulty because of the high thermolability and close boiling points of the components. A study of the fractionation of(More)
CH~.~ Isobutyraldehyde : ":CH--C-HO is an in te rmedia te in the s tage of the production of pantolactone in the CH( manufac tu re of pantothenic acid. The isobutyraldehyde is obtained by the dehydrogenat ion of isobutanol; this gives a mix tu re containing 65% of the aldehyde,which mus t be separa ted f r o m the accompanying impur i t i e s . The known(More)
I 2 Nickel, cobalt, copper , s i lver , iron, chromium, and their alloys, oxides, or salts on var ious supports (kieselguhr, pumice, charcoal , etc.) are recommended as catalysts . The best resul ts were obtained in bydrogenation over copper catalysts . Thus, by hydrogenation of furfural in the vapor phase at 250 ~ over copper chromite on charcoal , sylvan(More)
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