K. E. Nicewarner

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Previous work in representing transformational uncertainty used a linearized perturbed-transform method which assumes small angle errors. This paper presents an alternative representation using random unit quaternions that makes no strict small angle error assumption. The approach uses a novel family of probability density functions derived by placing a(More)
This paper presents an overview of an ongoing research and development effort at the NASA Ames Research Center to create an autonomous control system for an internal spacecraft autonomous mobile monitor. It primary functions are to provide crew support and perform intravehicular sensing activities by autonomously navigating onboard the International Space(More)
We present a model-based, adjustably autonomous multiagent architecture with monitoring, planning, diagnosis, and execution elements. We discuss an internal spacecraft freeflying robot prototype controlled by an implementation of this architecture and a ground test facility used for development. In addition, we discuss a simplified environment control life(More)
m lm AbstractmThe motivation for vision-guided servoing is taken from tasks in automated or telerobotic space assembly and construction. Vision-guided servoing requires the ability to perform rapid pose estimates and provide predictive feature tracking. Monocular information from a gripper-mounted camera is used to servo the gripper to grasp a cylinder. The(More)
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