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Some conservation organizations publish magazines that showcase current conservation and research projects, attract new subscribers and maintain membership, often using flagship species to promote these objectives. This study investigates the nature of flagship species featured on the covers of ten representative US conservation and nature magazines,(More)
"This paper identifies short-term fluctuations in the [U.S.] interstate migration system using annual state-to-state migration flow data from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) records for the period, 1980 to 1988. Measures of migration efficiency are employed to indicate the net redistribution of population between states relative to the size of underlying(More)
"This paper presents and tests a regression-based model of black interstate migration. Explanatory variables include characteristics of origins and destinations, distance, and two migrant stock measures. The model is tested using black interstate migration flows published by the U.S. Bureau of the Census for 1965-70 and 1975-80." The emphasis is on the(More)
This article examines health care use and issues among seasonal migrants in an urban setting in the Sunbelt. The study, based on a survey of 230 American and Canadian snowbirds in Phoenix, Arizona, complements previous research on health care use among Canadian snowbirds in Florida. Our results show that health care use among seasonal migrants in Phoenix is(More)
Confusion about the role of residential satisfaction vis-à-vis structural factors in the mobility process stems from the failure to examine the determinants of mobility over varying time frames and housing tenures. Using survey data for a random sample of 580 Phoenix-area households, we test models of short-term (1 year) and long-term (5 years) mobility(More)
Seasonal migration to national amenity areas is a major form of cyclical migration in the United States. This article examines conditions under which seasonal movement serves as a substitute for, or precursor to, permanent migration among winter visitors to recreational vehicle (RV) parks in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Ties to the home community, ties to the(More)
"Migration analysis is hindered by the lack of up-to-date migration data. This paper examines the feasibility of using information from the American Moving Conference (AMC), the trade organization of the moving industry, to develop timely estimates of gross in- and out-migration and net migration rates at the state level. When adjusted for the spatially(More)
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