K.-E. Lindenschmidt

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Flood detention areas serve the primary purpose of controlled water storage during large flood events in order to decrease the flood risk downstream along the river. These areas are often used for agricultural production. While various damage estimation methods exist for urban areas, there are only a few, most often simpler approaches for loss estimation in(More)
Aside from a companion investigation to this study, there are currently no peer-reviewed phosphorus (P) release rate data for northern North American (i.e., Canadian) reservoirs. Using Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan, Canada as a case study, we tested the effect of variation in overlying water DO conditions on the P release rates from sediment cores.(More)
HLA (High Level Architecture) is a computer architecture for constructing distributed simulations. It facilitates interoperability among different simulations and simulation types and promotes reuse of simulation software modules. The core of the HLA is the Run-Time Infrastructure (RTI) that provides services to start and stop a simulation execution, to(More)
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