K. E. Lagle

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To evaluate a developmental psychopathology approach for understanding adolescent social anxiety, parent-reported predictors of social anxiety were examined in a nonclinical sample of adolescents. Structured diagnostic interviews were obtained from biological parents of 770 participants. Potential risk factors assessed included child characteristics:(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify parent-reported risk factors for adolescent panic attacks. METHOD Structured diagnostic interviews were obtained from 770 parents of participants in a school-based risk factor study for adolescent panic. Parent-reported risk factors assessed included characteristics of the child (negative affect, separation anxiety disorder [SAD],(More)
A knowledge-base system was developed using the INSIGHT 2+ rule-based expert system tool. The user is questioned about the area of the injury, such as the foot, ankle, knee, or elbow. The inference engine then selects the appropriate knowledge base. Symptoms of the injury are requested from the user, who is also instructed to perform manual tests on the(More)
A knowledge-based system has been designed and developed to select a list of possible programming languages for a given project. The rule-based development tool INSIGHT 2+ was used to implement this expert system on an AT-compatible microcomputer. User-specific information, such as graphics, mathematics, and report generation requirements, is gathered(More)
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