K. E. Giles

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Suppose there is a need to swiftly navigate through a spatial arrangement of possibly forbidden regions, with each region marked with the probability that it is, indeed, forbidden. In close proximity to any of these regions, you have the dynamic capability of disambiguating the region and learning for certain whether or not the region is forbidden—only in(More)
Dorsal column stimulation was undertaken in 10 patients referred to the Pain Relief Clinic for management of otherwise intractable angina pectoris. All patients were on maximal medical therapy and were determined to be unsuitable for coronary artery revascularization by the referring cardiologists. Dorsal column stimulation was beneficial in all patients by(More)
Twenty-one patients had acupuncture treatment for chronic, disabling pain. Ten (47.5%) thought they had obtained worthwhile relief by the time treatment was completed. Six (30%) had no or negligible benefit and five (25%) had some aggravation of their pain at some stage of the procedure. In this group of patients, with the technique we describe, we were(More)
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