K. E. G. Löbner

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Cell-penetrating peptides (CPP) have become a widely used tool for efficient cargo delivery into cells. However, one limiting fact is their uptake by endocytosis causing the enclosure of the CPP-cargo construct within endosomes. One often used method to enhance the outflow into the cytosol is the fusion of endosome-disruptive peptide or protein sequences to(More)
Recent progress is presented from experiments on masses and lifetimes of bare and few-electron exotic nuclei at GSI. Relativistic rare isotopes produced via projectile fragmentation and fission were separated in flight by the fragment separator FRS and injected into the storage ring ESR. This worldwide unique experimental technique gives access to all(More)
Exotic nuclei are produced via projectile fragmentation of different primary beams in beryllium targets placed at the entrance of the Fragment Separator (FRS). The fragments are spatially separated by the FRS, injected and stored in the Experimental Storage Ring (ESR) for direct mass measurements. Two complementary methods have been applied: 1 Schottky Mass(More)
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