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seem small, however, given the high baseline stability and the near impossibility to elicit any frequency change to all kinds of stimuli or disturbances in this fish [4], except temperature change and specific, jamming electric stimuli, the change is considerable [2]. In addition, jamming stimuli elicited only frequency increase (up to a few Hz), not(More)
It is well known that environmental factors such as light, gravitation, electric fields, and chemical gradients can stimulate oriented growth of individual cells [1, 2]. Oriented growth of whole plant organs in magnetic fields was first observed by Audus [3] and subsequently called "magnetotropism". He found that if cress roots or oat shoots were placed in(More)
Is there an influence of strong and steady magnetic fields as commonly used in NMR tomography on processes of the central nervous system? Electrical events generated within the brainstem audi tory pathways by acoustic signals (brainstem audi tory evoked potentials, BAEP) can be easily recorded f rom the scalp of man by using computer averaging techniques(More)
We used a quartz tuning fork vibrating at 30 kHz both as an acoustic near field microscope and at the same time as a microscopic Kelvin probe. One leg of the tuning fork carried a small gold electrode serving as a conducting vibrating tip. By using this instrument and the method described here it is possible to measure simultaneously both the surface(More)
We have investigated the influence of strong dc. magnetic fields--ranging up to 10 Tesla--on the weak sinusoidal electric signals which the electro-fish Apteronotus is known to emit. We made the following observations: 1. The amplitude of the sinusoidal electric signals rises with the application of the dc. magnetic fields, increasing by about 8% in a field(More)
Eine solche kontrollierte Fusion ist nur m6glich, wenn es gelingt, das erforderliche sehr beige Wasserstoffplasma in Magnetfeldern geeigneter Geometrie und genfigender St~trke zusammenzuhal ten. Dazu sind Felder yon einigen zehntausend Gauss in R~iumen von der Gr613enordnung yon Kubikmetern notwendig. Solche riesigen Felder sind nur mit supraleitenden(More)
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  • 2005
The quantum liquid "superfluid helium" shows several outstanding properties as compared to normal liquids. In contrast to this the quantum crystal "solid helium" (in the foIlowing we shall only consider 4He} seems to exhibit no remarkable difFcrenccs with rcspect to ordinary solids, For example, solid helium was found lo have well-defined crystal(More)
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