K. Ding

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We developed a new approach to test the single-photon emissions of semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) in the optical communication band. A diamond-anvil cell pressure device was used for blue-shifting the 1.3 μm emissions of InAs/GaAs QDs to 0.9 μm for detection by silicon avalanche photodiodes. The obtained g((2))(0) values from the second-order(More)
We report on a 62-year-old Chinese male patient who presented with a pigmented lesion in the umbilical area and who was treated for omphalitis in a local hospital for 1 month. Biopsy pathological examination revealed that the lesion was a melanoma. The Breslow depth was estimated at 3 mm, and Clark's level was IV. Ultrasonography showed no suspicious(More)
Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) is a noninvasive technique for evaluating the microstructure of foods and other materials. CLSM provides several sequential subsurface layers of two-dimensional (2-D) images. An image processing algorithm was developed to reconstruct these 2-D layers into a three-dimensional (3-D) network. Micro-structure of fat(More)
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