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BACKGROUND The knowledge of Palmaris longus (PL) is a growing interest for its wide role in reconstructive plastic surgeries as a donor tendon for transfer or transplant. The prevalence of the PL agenesis has been well-documented by many authors in different ethnic groups or populations. Many conventional tests for determining the presence of the PL has(More)
A 43-year-old female cadaver showed a complete bilateral absence of the musculocutaneous nerve. The anterior compartment muscles of both arms were supplied by median nerve excepting the coracobrachialis which was innervated by a direct branch from the lateral cord of brachial plexus. The median nerve, after supplying the biceps and brachialis muscles, gave(More)
The vasculosyncytial membrane (VSM), primary site of fetomaternal exchange is formed when syncytiotrophoblast surrounds the terminal villi and make a close contact with capillaries. Some syncytiotrophoblast forms thin single layer of villous and some syncytial nuclei become piled up to form the syncytial knots (SKs). Undoubtedly there is a clear-cut inverse(More)
Placental morphology and cellular arrangement are altered in maternal diseases such as preeclampsia (PE) in which oxygen delivery from the mother to the fetus is greatly disturbed, ultimately resulting in cellular oxidative stress. The present study was conducted at the Department of Anatomy and included 112 placentas (56 each from mothers with and without(More)
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