K D Vanderslice

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Autoradiographic analysis of [3H]-estrogen nuclear binding sites was performed on developing genital tracts (uterus, cervix and vagina) of mice 1 to 90 days postpartum. During days 1 to 15 postpartum, nuclear estrogen binding sites were observed exclusively within mesenchymal cells; epithelial cells did not exhibit nuclear labelling. At 18 days postpartum(More)
A simple method for identifying the species of origin of mammalian cells in tissue sections using Hoechst dye #33258 is described. This rapid procedure involves staining fresh frozen or formalin fixed paraffin sections with 4 micrograms/ml of Hoechst #33258 for one minute at room temperature; following one to five minutes of washing in running tap water,(More)
Vaginae from adult C57Bl/6J mice were analyzed for nuclear estrogen-binding sites by biochemical as well as in vitro steroid autoradiographic methods. Finite binding capacity (saturability) and high affinity binding were demonstrated in stromal cell nuclei (Kd = 1.0 nM) by autoradiographic methods and in nuclear extracts of vaginal homogenates (Kd = 1.9 nM)(More)
A procedure for the rapid preparation of autoradiograms from tissues incubated in vitro with 3H-estradiol is described. Slices of tissue were incubated in culture medium containing 17 nM 3H-estradiol, washed to remove unbound steroid, then processed for thaw-mount autoradiography. Exposure times were generally 3 to 4 weeks. Simultaneous in vitro competition(More)
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