K D Schoonover

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The clinical, angiographic, and Doppler findings are reported for two young patients with recurrent syncope induced by neck hyperextension during stretching. Transcranial Doppler monitoring of both posterior cerebral arteries was performed during head manoeuvres. There were reproducible rapid decreases in blood flow velocities in both patients to an average(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A hemodynamic as opposed to an embolic origin of vertebrobasilar ischemia may be suspected when symptoms are brief and triggered by changes in the position of the head or neck. It may be difficult, and not without risk, to reproduce the symptoms and to prove the short-lived hemodynamic changes during angiography. If transcranial(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is a frequent cause of admission to acute care hospitals and many of these patients have a history of depression. AIM Our objective was to determine if antidepressant use in patients with a history of depression is associated with lower rates of hospital readmission for AWS. METHODS A retrospective study was(More)
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