K. D. Prathapasinghe Dharmawansa

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In this paper, we derive exact closed form bit error rate (BER) or symbol error rate (SER) expressions for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems with carrier frequency offset (CFO). We consider the performance of an OFDM system subject to CFO error in additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN), frequency flat and frequency selective Rayleigh(More)
This paper considers orthogonal space-time block coded transmission for a multiple-input multiple-output channel (MIMO) with non-coherent amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying in Rayleigh fading. We first characterize the statistical properties of the instantaneous signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the destination, by deriving new exact closed form expressions for(More)
We consider multi-antenna cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks, when there are multiple primary users and/or multipath channels. A noise-uncertainty-free detector that is optimal in the low signal to noise ratio regime is analyzed. We derive the moments of the test statistics involved, which lead to simple and accurate analytical(More)
In this paper, using Miller's approach and Dougall's identity, we derive new infinite series representations for the quadrivariate Nakagami-m joint density function, cumulative distribution function (cdf) and characteristic functions (chf). The classical joint density function of exponentially correlated Nakagami-m variables can be identified as a special(More)
We investigate the capacity and beamforming optimality of multi-antenna relaying systems, given access to statistical channel information at the relay and source. Multi-antenna relay configurations are considered, for which the source as well as either the relay or destination have multiple antennas, and the relay operates with amplify-and-forward. We first(More)
Let W be a correlated complex non-central Wishart matrix defined through W = XX, where X is n × m (n ≥ m) complex Gaussian with non-zero mean Υ and non-trivial covariance Σ. We derive exact expressions for the cumulative distribution functions (c.d.f.s) of the extreme eigenvalues (i.e., maximum and minimum) of W for some particular cases. These results are(More)
We analyze the optimality of beamforming in multiple-input single-output relay channels without a direct link between the source and the destination. Assuming that the source has access to the channel correlation information, and that the relay operates in amplify and forward mode with a long term power constraint, we first show that the optimal(More)
This paper considers the analytical performance of primary users (PUs) subject to interference due to secondary users (SU) in an underlay cognitive radio system over Rayleigh fading. In particular, we focus on a more general spatial configuration where the interfered PU, not only located at the center of the cell, is having a protective region which is free(More)
Probability density functions (pdf's) are derived for the phase and amplitude (envelope) of the complex gain X +jY (j = radic-1), where X and Y are two correlated non zero-mean Gaussian random variables. The pdf of the amplitude is derived as an infinite series, but reduces to a closed-form expression when the means are zero. The classical Rayleigh and(More)
In this paper we study the distribution of the scaled largest eigenvalue of complex Wishart matrices, which has diverse applications both in statistics and wireless communications. Exact expressions, valid for any matrix dimensions, have been derived for the probability density function and the cumulative distribution function. The derived results involve(More)