K D Coutts

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A single subject performed 36 coast-down trials on a hardwood floor in a sport model wheelchair with velocity ranging from 1.28 to 5.31 m/s (4.6 to 19.1 km/h). A portable computer attached to the wheelchair was used to record the time to the nearest 0.001-second of each half-revolution of a rear wheel. The deceleration during each trial was determined with(More)
The vertical component of ground reaction force-time curves for two styles of jumping used in preparation for a spike in volleyball were analyzed in a group of 86 players. The two styles consisted of a hop approach where the player lands simultaneously on both feet prior to take-off, and a step-close (SC) approach where one foot is placed in its take-off(More)
The purpose of this study was to measure the wheelchair drag and maximal sprint performance abilities of wheelchair basketball players and to make comparisons between male and female players. A group of nine male and eight female wheelchair basketball players attending a national training camp consented to serve as subjects. Each subject completed six(More)
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